Is Yours One Of Those Gifted Families?

Is yours one of those fortunate families that has a collection of diaries, letters or even photographs dating back to events like World War II, World War I or the Civil War? Perhaps they date even further back.

Could you place a price on these treasures?

Is there any offer you would accept to give them up?

One of your Civil War ancestors could be directly connected to over 60 individual families today. Are you aware of other branches of your family that might be interested in accessing the ancestral treasures you have? Would you know how to contact them? Would you be willing to share access if you were asked?

And suppose the situation was reversed. If you learned that there was a distant relative of yours who had a collection of personal effects from your great-great-great-grandfather (or grandmother) wouldn’t you be interested seeing them, studying them, maybe simply touching them?

If only it had been possible for this distant ancestor to have provided, not only these family treasures, but a way that they could be shared among all their descendants no matter how many generations removed or how large the extended family grew to be. Who knows, this may even have provided the means by which distant branches of a family, connected by a single ancestor, could have discovered each other and initiated significant new relationships.

These are the ideas that gave rise to the VivaXtech program. We are fortunate enough to live in an age where it is possible to share our lives with the generations who will follow. This will help future generations better understand where they came from. In addition, it may help distant families with a shared ancestor connect with each other and build new family relationships. It’s an inspiring prospect any way you look at it.

There is no way to know what the impact of preserving your life story might be on your descendants. But it’s a certainty that not doing so will have no impact whatsoever.

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