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There is Nothing More Important Than Family. . . .

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And memories - especially shared memories - are what hold families together!

But just what are these shared memories?

They're so obvious we forget we even have them. Or remember them only occasionally or at special times.

And that's what makes it SO easy for them to be lost. And once lost, they're lost forever.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

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Of Course You Know What We're Talking About

Our cell phones and computers are full of them. We have them stuck in albums and hidden away in drawers or on shelves. Some of them are packed into boxes and stored away in basements or attics. They are stored on technologies as modern as flash drives and SD cards or less modern formats like DVD's or videotapes. Some are even on paper!

And each of these, from the oldest to the most modern, have their own unique storage requirements and are subject to their own unique dangers. Though there are some dangers that threaten them all regardless of how old or cutting edge the technology might be.

Want to know more about these dangers? Read this.

So which memories are most important to you? Photographs? Family videos? Special event videos? Old letters? Diaries? Family tree or other historical research?

Maybe It's All of Them!

Chances are that it would be almost impossible to choose any one memory, or collection of memories, that you consider more important than any others. And why should you have to? We live in a world where information is more abundant than it has been at any point in history. In fact, every day the world generates 2.5 exabytes of new data! (An exabyte of data is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 Bytes or 1 Billion Gigabytes) In other words, the amount of information you create in order to save important family memories and events is insignificant relative to the volume of information that exists and will exist.

But it is not insignificant to you! Nor is it to your immediate and extended family. Nor will it be to the generations who will follow us. And since it is so important to all these people, someone must make the effort to to protect it. If not, it will only get lost in the avalanche of data that is created on a daily basis.

Or worse!

It may all appear to be overwhelming at first glance. But it isn't. There are facilities, techniques, solutions and protocols designed specifically to protect, preserve and catalog these massive volumes of information.  And the good news is that you, and your family, have access to all of them at little or no cost.


If you want to help your grandchildren, great grandchildren and generations far into the future better understand who they are by showing them where they have come from we have wonderful news for you. Knowing where we came from gives us a much better understanding of who we are and how we have come to be the people we are.




Share Your Family Memories

Ever wondered what kind of legacy you could leave to future gemerations? Share information about your irreplaceable family memories with your current family and future descendants

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Why AnbarTech? Excellent question.

Amber is fossilized tree sap that is able to preserve the remains or living things for hundreds of millions of years.

The ancient Arabs discovered this remarkable substance and called it Anbar.

We incorporate modern technology to - like anbar - preserve family legacies today and well into the future.

If you have family photos, videos, documents and other irreplacable items then you MUST read the following!

If your answer to even one of the following questions is yes, you need to read on.

  1. You have these memories located in a variety of places throughout your home.
  2. You have no backup copies of any of this material.
  3. You have no copies of these materials stored in a secure, offsite, geographically diverse, location - ideally several hundred or thousands of miles away from your home.
  4. You have no plan for passing on these irreplaceable treasures to children, grandchildren and future descendants.
  5. You have no plan to migrate these materials to new formats if the formats they are currently saved on become obsolete.

Now You Know There's a Problem So The Question is, "What Can You Do About It?"

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The very first thing you need to do is gather together all these materials; photographs, videos, documents, letters, diaries, whatever you want to preserve.

If some of these are already in a digital format, copy them to a new location. For those materials that are not in a digital format, you should digitize them. This can be as simple as scanning the materials or, less desirable, take digital photographs of these documents using a digital camera or a smart phone.

For a detailed description of how to complete this step, you can read this blog post.

After you have these materials digitized make copies of them. Lots and lots of copies. You can put some copies onto thumb drives and store them in a safe deposit box or a home safe. Send copies to family and friends. The further away from you they live the better. You can also put copies on the cloud, YouTube, Facebook or a variety of other locations. For more ideas about where and how you can stored your digitized memories you can read this article.


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