Family Video Protection


We live in unsettled times. Natural disasters such a tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and wildfires seem to be on the rise. The property damage caused by these events can be staggering but there are hidden costs that are not so apparent.

The general consensus is that, in the event of a disaster, provided all one’s family members and pets were safe, the items most likely to be rescued are irreplaceable objects such as photo albums and videos. But suppose you don’t have time to retrieve these precious memories? Doesn’t it make sense to store copies of them somewhere well out of harm’s way?

How would you like to be able to protect these precious treasures and make them accessible in both the present and distant future?

Then the Vivaxtech Family Video Protection Service may be just what you are looking for. Your irreplaceable video files can be safely stored according to Vivaxtech’s strict preservation guidelines and information about them will be catalogued, making your family videos easy to find by current and future generations.

In addition, the one time cost for this service also includes our automatic upgrade program. When video formats change, your family videos will be automatically upgraded to whatever the newest format is thereby ensuring that it will be available and accessible far into the future.

But you think, why don’t I just subscribe to a cloud storage service and maintain these files myself? And that’s a valid question. Anyone can open a cloud storage account and upload their video and photo files. Prices range from almost free thanks to advertising when you upload, download or monitor your files to a few dollars a month. But ask yourself, who will maintain and monitor your material? What happens if formats change and become incompatible with 

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