How To Share Your Family Memories Today And Far Into The Future!

So now you have your collection of irreplaceable family memories – photographs, videos, documents, diaries, letters, and others –  organized, duplicated and stored in secure locations, safe from any imaginable natural or man made disaster. In other words, your work is done.

Or is it? Have you missed something? It seems unlikely. Everything is duplicated and backed up. It’s been placed in secure locations, some of which are thousands of miles away and not even on the same continent. Your irreplaceable family memories are as safe as modern technology can make them. So what’s missing? Anything?

Consider this. You’ve worked hard to create, duplicate, secure and maintain your family memory collection. Other than you, who knows that this collection exists? Does anyone else know what the collection contains? Where it is? What formats the materials are in? If anything were to happen that made it impossible for you to continue administering all the elements necessary to maintain this collection what would happen to it? Would your immediate family be able to continue to access it? What about your extended family? And don’t forget your grandchildren, great grandchildren and generations of descendants well into the future? Wouldn’t you want to make sure that they could access these materials if you could? After all, these comprise a significant record of their family history. And family history is so important. After all, “family is everything”.

An Elegant Solution

So how do you make this collection – or information about it – available to these various groups today and in the future? Consider the following.

A searchable database of information detailing the contents of family memory collections just like yours. Each listing containing indexed information about the subjects appearing in the collection such as names, dates and places of birth, subject matter, events and locations of videos, photographs and others. Even the formats that these materials have been stored in! In other words, family members and friends would be able to search for collections like yours and contact you, or whoever is responsible for maintaining these collections, indirectly, in order to request access to them. And this would not be restricted to family members searching for these collections today, but would be extended to your future descendants generations into the future. Just imagine being able to share your irreplaceable memory collection with generations hundreds of years from now. Consider the impact this could have on their lives.

This database is:

  • Infinitely scalable
  • Universally accessible
  • Secure
  • Anonymous (See this for more information)
  • Private (You, or your assigned successor, have complete control over access to information about your collection. Read more.)

Are you interested yet?

Did we mention that this facility would be available to you, your family, your descendants, and everyone else, free of charge with no strings attached?

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