Important Privacy Information

Please note that this information page is a work in progress. The material here is for information purposes only! It is not exhaustive and may be amended from time to time to reflect changes in policies, technologies and social evolution.

The information that you include in your biography project will be available to anyone who searches for it. In light of this reality there are some fundamental privacy considerations you should keep in mind while preparing your biography.

You should not post personal identifiers and info such as addresses, Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, telephone numbers, banking information etc.

Don’t mention prior legal complications such as arrests, incarcerations, legal proceedings etc. unless the statute of limitations has passed or you have subscribed to the embargo service.

Don’t mention any health related information such as illnesses, pre-existing conditions, family history of illnesses or genetic predispositions that may exist in your family. This will help you or your descendants avoid being denied medical insurance, medical procedures, employment, etc.

Do not reveal affiliations with groups, organizations or activities that could result in your being denied access to foreign countries or lead to potential legal or other complications within your home country – unless subscribed to our embargo service which will expire after your passing.